Service Strategy
In the early stage, we first pay attention to the customer's demand points, inquire about the market range of the products we need, and pursue quality or price. This is more conducive to the customer's liking for our profession, further narrowing the relationship and providing follow-up services. Then, we provide our professional knowledge on the products that the customer needs to reference, assist the customer in selecting suitable products, and place sample orders or bulk orders. If customers require design related services, we also have designers who can provide feedback and design relevant samples or products.
1、 Sample according to customer requirements. Some products require sampling, and the cost of sampling needs to be borne by the customer. (If the number of orders reaches a certain quantity, we can refund the corresponding sampling fee)
2、 After both parties have determined the drawings, a contract is signed and a deposit is paid. The production time is calculated from the completion of customized samples.
3、 The product delivery time will not exceed 45 days, and can generally be completed within 30 days.

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